Orange to Yellow

Good Evening Ladies! Today my nail art is a gradient from yellow to orange. I started using nail vinyls from (@teismom – Instagram) but I did not like how wide it made the boxes so I changed to thin striping tape (from eBay). You will notice one nail is different because of it. The polishes used are all China Glaze. Polish names are (starting from yellow) ‘Sun Upon my Skin’, Metro-Pollentin’, If in Doubt, Surf it Out’ and Stoked to be Soaked’.

OrangeYellow (3)I really like how this turned out! The base is Sally Hansen ‘White Out’.

OrangeYellow (7)This picture shows the difference in the widths between the striping tape and the nail vinyls. I love the striping tape width so much more than nail vinyls. Now don’t get me wrong I love nail vinyls! I use them so often!

OrangeYellow (11)

OrangeYellow (49)Here is a super awkward hand pose while trying to hold all the China Glaze polishes! I hope everyone enjoyed todays post! I hope everyone enjoys the Labour Day weekend well at least everyone in Canada!  Everyone I ope has a great weekend as well. Thanks for stopping by!




Lady Muck and pinstripes

Good Evening ladies! I hope everyone had a great weekend! ¬†I had an action packed weekend because it was my brother’s birthday. The big guy turned 20! I’d like to share the nails I wore on the weekend! For this look I used Butter London ‘Lady Muck’, as the base. I added thin stripes using my white stripping brush. I created the roses using China Glaze ‘Dune Our Thing’, ‘Petal to the Metal’ and NOPI ‘Cocoa a Gogo’ and finally Color Club ‘Wild Cactus’ and ‘Twiggie’ for the leaves.

Greypinstripe(1)I used a dotting tool to create the roses the leaves.


Greypinstripe(11)I wore this for a day or two and some of the corners a chipped a bit. I’m just glad I remembered to take photos before I wreaked them. The Butter London polish was given to me by my lovely cousin Karen from Nail Call who came to visit my family recently! Her and her kids are amazing! Thanks everyone for stopping by! I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their week!


At Vase Value

Good Evening everyone! I hope everyone had a great weekend! A quick post for today, I used China Glaze ‘A Vase Value’, Sinful Colors ‘Black on Black’ and Orly Matte Top Coat.

Atvasevalue (25)I stamped black using PUEEN stamping plate number 10 on top of 3 thin coats of China Glaze.

Atvasevalue (40)

Atvasevalue (30)I was a bit impatience and put the top coat on early so there are a few streaky bits. Otherwise it looks great. I haven’t done a matte top coat in a while and I really like it. Thanks everyone for stopping by! Have a great week!