Negative Space

Good Afternoon Everyone!

I hope everyone is have a good day! Today I have a simple mid-week post. I used @Teismom Nail Vinyls to create the negative space. I did 2 thick coats of Color Club My Girl. I then lined the negative chevron space using a silver striping polish.negspace(5)I don’t mind how this turned out. I think it was pretty cute. Sadly it chipped at work so I took it off.

I was always unsure if I like the negative space designs. I few times that I’ve done it, I though it felt unfinished but I think I’m coming around.

negspace(14)Thanks everyone for stopping by! I hope everyone enjoys hump-day!



Good Afternoon Gang!

I hope everyone is getting through Monday. Mine certainly went by at a snail’s pace. I’m glad I’m finally home! Today I have a polish I haven’t used in a very long while. It’s called Winter Blue by Rituals. This is the only polish I have by this brand. I found it on clearance at Winners I think. Anyways, I really like the colour of the polish. I wish the camera could have captured the colours better.Arrows (2)I did 2 coats of Winter Blue. After it dried I added stamping. I used BM XL-10 and Sinful Colors Snow me White. I switched up the arrow directions mainly because I didn’t know which would look better. But I just rotated them all and I like now it turned out.Arrows (11)

I used my pure acetone to clean up and it worked so well. I don’t think I can ever go back to the regular nail polish remover I get at the dollar store.Arrows (24)I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their Monday! Thanks for stopping by!


Myth You Lots

Good evening everyone!

Oh My Gosh! Did anyone else wake up to snow on the ground and ice on their car! I sure did! Oh boy, I wasn’t ready to scrape my windows, I was almost late for work! Alright, enough about the¬†weather. Today’s nails are KB Shimmer Myth You Lots. This holo is AMAZING!

MythYouLots (5)In some light it looks purple. At a different angle it almost looks brown. Such a crazy holo combination. I found I stared at it during work trying to figure out what colour it really was.

SO MANY SPARKLES! I also added some roses using MoYou London Pro XL 7.


I love how this turned out. I love MoYou plates. I’ve been waiting to use these images for ever! I hope everyone enjoys! Thanks for stopping by!