Nail break

Good Afternoon Nail world,

I have been absent from my blog for a while and now I’d like to share why. After I got back from vacation (a long time ago), my nails broke and became short. I then used some fake plastic ones that I use from time to time to help protect them while they grew. Well I kept using the plastic ones for months and it has messed up my nails. They are brittle, cracked, short and break easily. I have been trying to let them grow out naturally without any fake nails. It has been pretty hard because they look terrible and I do not like it. I have posted a few nail designs on Instagram. I hope to resume nail art and blogging in the new year when all my nails are the same length.

I am still very much into nail art and blogging, ( I even got many polishes for Christmas that I need to try!) and hope to dive right into it soon. I want to thank you for checking back to my website. It means a lot to me.

Thank you again everyone for stopping by!

Lots of love!