Valentine’s Day 2

Good Evening Everyone!

I hope everyone had a great week! I’m so happy I was able to do 2 blog posts in a week! It has been so, so, so long! I found that painting my nails, (even though I didn’t like the way they looked) really helped them grow and heal. I found I haven’t been picking them since they have been painted. I have just been using cuticle oil all day at work.

Alright I have done some more Valentine’s day nails! I’m not usually one to do many themed nails but right now I’m feeling it!vday2 (1)The base is OPI From A to Zurich. I did 2 coats. It’s such a rich colour I could have only had one coat on a few of my nails.vday2 (2)I stamped using a silver Cosmetic Arts polish (has no name) with MoYou London plate Pro XL 8.

Thanks everyone for stopping by! I have already started my next nail design! So stay tuned!


Valentine’s Day

Good Morning Everyone

I wasn’t sure if I was going to post these nail on my blog but what the hell, why not.

My nails/cuticles are still in terrible shape. They aren’t growing like they’re used to so I went for  neutral colours so it doesn’t jump out at you. The base colour is by Cosmetic Arts which is produced by Color Club. The polishes I received for Christmas didn’t have any names so the base colour is a semi-see thru pale pink. I did about 3 coats. vday(3)I stamped using Sinful Colors Snow me White and Bundle Monster BM-XL12. The heats stamped so well. vday(10)I really wish these polishes had names. I looked forever to try to find one but I came up empty-handed. I hope by painting my nails and getting back into my routine will help my nails.

Thanks everyone for stopping by! I hope everyone is amazing!