Good Afternoon Gang!

I hope everyone is getting through Monday. Mine certainly went by at a snail’s pace. I’m glad I’m finally home! Today I have a polish I haven’t used in a very long while. It’s called Winter Blue by Rituals. This is the only polish I have by this brand. I found it on clearance at Winners I think. Anyways, I really like the colour of the polish. I wish the camera could have captured the colours better.Arrows (2)I did 2 coats of Winter Blue. After it dried I added stamping. I used BM XL-10 and Sinful Colors Snow me White. I switched up the arrow directions mainly because I didn’t know which would look better. But I just rotated them all and I like now it turned out.Arrows (11)

I used my pure acetone to clean up and it worked so well. I don’t think I can ever go back to the regular nail polish remover I get at the dollar store.Arrows (24)I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their Monday! Thanks for stopping by!


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