Birthday Party & Doodles!

Good Afternoon Everyone!

I had a crazy week last week! It was my Birthday on the 15th and so I had a party on the 18th with family and friends. It was a pool/beach party theme so I bought a ton of blow up animals from the dollarstore, a 8’x5′ pool and a slip’n’slid! Oh my gosh it was awesome! We ended up making a larger slip’n’slid using tarps and we put soap on it to make it really slippery!

At the end of the night we watched a movie in the backyard with a homemade 6’x8′ movie screen that my BF and I made. Was an awesome party! Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of my birthday nails! But I will recreate them soon.doodles(3)Today’s nails I tried out my new MoYou London XL sticky squishy stamper. (What a mouthful to say!) The first few attempts did not go very well as I could not pick up the image but after a while I got the hang of it. If anyone has tips to clean the stamper head that would be great. I’m finding it hard to get the ‘leftovers’ off after I’ve stamped a few times.

The base is OPI Angel with a Leadfoot, stamped with Doodles plate 3 using Sally Hansen New Wave Blue. The zigzags were done with the same colours and @teismom Nail Vinyls. The silver is a tiny Sephora silver glittery polish.


doodles(21)Thanks everyone for stopping by! I have 2 soccer games this week so I will try to post more nails if I’m not to! Have a great week!




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