Christmas Gradient

Good Morning Everyone,

Today has been a crazy day. My alarm didn’t go off, so I was late for work. I was sick on Friday so I asked some people to take care of 2 things for me before Monday, and guess what, they didn’t get done. I’ve been running around like a chicken with its head cut off and I haven’t even had a coffee. It’s Monday and I’m stressed.

The only good thing so far is that I have awesome looking nails. I love my nails. So pretty.

What I Used:
Base: Bundle Monster white gel polish Button Down
Stamping: I did a gradient on the MoYou London Festive plate 30 using Sinful Colors Rise & Shine and Color Club Mamba.

I love the way the colours blended on the plate. It’s just so pretty.

It’s been a hectic day. I wish work as simple as painting my nails. Maybe I need a career change! (that’d be nice). For now, I hope you all enjoy my gradient Christmas themed nails. I have more seasonal nails to share on Thursday. Thank you everyone for stopping by! Have a wonderful week.


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