Dry Marble Nails

Good Evening Everyone!

I hope everyone it staying warm in this cold weather! Today’s nails I am not to sure about. One moment I like it, the next I don’t. Some people call this technique dry marble or saran wrap nails, either way I don’t think mine turned out very well. I started off with a white base using Sinful Colors Snow me White. I then blobbed on piCture pOlish Jade and Imperial. I then just put saran wrap on top of the wet polish and kind of pressed it around. I made a huge mess.

DryMarble (31)

The pictures actually make it look REALLY good. The clean up was a disaster. I had polish all over the place and by the end of it I gave up. I cleaned up my cuticles the next day.

I love these 2 polishes together. They also happen to be my 2 favourite colours!

I really want to try this again but instead of using saran wrap I’d like to use a toothpick or a thin brush to swirl it around. The saran wrap kept getting stuck to my wet nails which pulled off the colours, aka ruined it. So I had to go over and over on some nails because of that.

DryMarble (20)

I am really impressed with these pictures. I feel like in person these nails are a disaster but it is probably because when I look at them all I see is the stuff that’s wrong. Oh well, I think I may add some stamping to it to see if I’ll like it better.

Thanks everyone for stopping by!! I hope everyone has a great weekend!


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