Flowers in Twilight Rays

Good Morning!

I hope everyone is enjoying their short week. My week has been super busy! I woke up late this morning so I was rushing around trying to get ready but managed to make it to work on time. I also had my thumb nail split right down the middle. Terrible break, now my thumb nail is a nub.

What I Used:
Base: Color Show Twilight Rays
Stamping: China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy & MoYou London Flower Power plate 04

I removed my fake nails last night to paint my real nails. They are a bit shorter than I prefer (and by a bit I mean a lot!) It was pretty difficult to pick a colour and design on my little nubs. I used 2 of my favourite polishes for this look.

Quick nail room update! I bought new curtains last night and a super shaggy white rug. Just need a coffee table and a quick visit to IKEA over the weekend and the room will be complete!

Thanks everyone for stopping by, have a wonderful weekend!



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