Happy Halloween!

Good Morning and Happy Halloween to Everyone!

This weekend was so much fun! I had a Halloween party and everyone came in amazing costumes! My BF and I went as Tron. My Mom and Dad came as a Nutcracker & a Pirate. AMAZING!

Nail Time! I had plain gel polish nails over the weekend for my tron costume. So last night (while watching Walking Dead) I added a ~marble~ effect to my nails.

What I Used:
Base: Bundle Monster Gel Polish Cocktail Dress.
Marble Effect: Orchid polish Snake Charmer and China Glaze White on White.

I did some dry brushing with the Orchid polish. Then with a small brush I created white lines through out. I dipped that same brush in acetone and drew back over top of the white to get a faded marble look.

I loved the way this turned out. I know they are not very Halloween themed but this is all I could come up with last night last-minute. I still love the look.

Thanks everyone for stopping by. Please be careful tonight if you are out with children for some trick-or-treating! Have a wonderful Halloween!


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