Good Morning Everyone!

Woke up this morning to another 4″ of snow! Isn’t Spring yet? My tulips were coming in, hopefully this cold weather won’t kill them!

Today I tried a white gel polish from Born Pretty Store. I ordered this because I thought it would be good to have a white base for a bunch nail designs.

The gel polish was super easy to put on. I find gel polish to be on the thicker side so I always have to take such time to apply it. I need a bit more practice as I seem to still put on too much.

I stamped using Sinful Colors Black on Black and MoYou London Pro-XL plate 7. I love this pattern but I could NEVER get it straight on my nail, but using a clear stamper I was BEYOND HAPPY with my nails!

Oh and the white gel polish GLOWS! My only issue with the gel polish is that the following day my thumb nail polish popped right off! The design was intact but it fell off! Then while inspecting my other nails the rest could come off just as easy! So I’m not sure if it failed to bond to the base gel or the white gel polish is no good, but either way I will have to try again.

Thanks everyone for stopping by! I hope the sun comes out and melts the snow away so we can start having Spring weather!


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