Negative Space

Good Evening Everyone!

I hope everyone had a great week so far! I am still hanging in on the #Nailartsep challenge. Tomorrow is negative space but since I was late on a few days I figure why not post one a day early. I was stumped on it at first but after trying different things I finally came up with an idea! I used @teismom (on Instagram) nail vinyls. Here are my nails.

NegativeSpace (3)

For this look I used China Glaze ‘Sun Upon My Skin’ and ‘Be More Pacific’ and a silver striping brush. As you can see I used lighting bolts for the negative space. This turned out way better than expected!

NegativeSpace (7)

I tried making a light box so I could take pictures at any time of the day. These photos turned out alright. I think I need more light to make the pictures even better.

NegativeSpace (16)

I do love how this picture turned out! I look so professional! Thanks everyone for stopping by! Everyone have a great weekend! It supposed to be warmer!


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