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Good Morning Nail World,

Only 3 more days till my BF is home from vacation. A week in the house by myself gets lonely! I’m excited he is almost home BUTTT since I’m a tad jealous I couldn’t go I did my own vacation nails for my ‘Stay-acation’.

What I Used:
Base: Regular base coat! I just did the gradient right on my plain nail!
Gradient: Color Club Volt of Light, Flamingo & Tangerine Scream.

I love how this gradient turned out. I was kind of worried that the colours weren’t going to be as bright since I didn’t use a white base. But with enough layers I got the vibrant colours I wanted! – But wait! I added stamping!

Stamping: Wet’N’Wild Black Creme and MoYou London Tropical plate 11. But wait! There’s more! (Hahaha…get it?)

It GLOWS! Now you really can see I got the yellow polish all over my fingers. What I mess! (Oh well, it’ll come off in the shower hehe). Thank you all for stopping by! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.



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