Snow Leopard

Good evening ladies!

I hope everyone is enjoying the 4 day work week! I know I am! First I’d like to mention that I am participating in a nail challenge on Instagram hosted by @californails. It is called ‘The Totally Doable I Have A Life Challenge’ and I think it is! Here is the challenge :

Nailart Sept


It is simple. On the day listed in Sept you do that theme! I posted my #simple nails on Instagram (find me here: @simplystylishnails). Today’s theme is #Catnails. Now this stumped me because I didn’t want to just paint cats on my nails. It wasn’t until I told my boyfriend that he said ‘well leopards and tigers are cats’. And it honestly blew my mind! Here are my cat nails, inspired by my Bf and the snow leopard!

Snowleopard (5)For this look I used NOPI ‘It’s all About the Glam’, Milani ‘Gold Glitz’ and Kiss Nail Art Black (a thin stripping brush). The white base actually sparkles but it was near impossible to capture in the photo.

Snowleopard (27)

Snowleopard (41)I loved how this turned out! This was all done free hand. I personally think I’m pro at free hand leopard spots! I hope you enjoyed my snow leopard spots! thanks everyone for stopping by!



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