Spring Sandals

Good Morning Everyone!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Today I’d like to share some reverse stamping. I stamped Bundle Monster Plate BM-XL09 with Sinful Colors Black on Black onto a zip-lock baggie 10 times. I then filled in the design with polish using a tiny brush.

I used a TON of different polishes. The base is OPI Angel with a Leadfoot. For the sandals I used Sinful Colors Let’s Meet and Innocent, China Glaze Stoked to be Soaked, Color Club Flamingo, Essie Strut you Stuff and I’m Addicted and Finally a red and purple polish from Cosmetic Arts.

I only had a few boo-boo doing reverse stamping. I had one decal up to high when transferring to my nails and so I got some scrape marks in the pattern. Not a huge deal, but I notice!

I love how it was the first day of spring yesterday and I woke up to it snowing. This weather is crazy! Thanks everyone for stopping by! Enjoy your week!


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