Taupe Leopard

Good Afternoon My Lovelies!

This week has been a crazy week. Monday afternoon was terrible. My computer died so I have been trying to get my stuff off of it. So that has not been fun. Then to make the week even better, the engine light came on in my car. Just perfect. The week has been taxing for sure. I am certainly it is Friday so that when I get home I can relax and have a nice cold beer.

This weekend nails are done with Taupe on Trend by Color Show as the base. Bold Gold by Color Show are the leopard spots topped with a gold glitter from Color Club. I did the spot outline with Sinful Colors Black on Black.leoprint(21)I tried to do the spots in a triangle shape. I really like how these colours look together.

leoprint(35)You’ll have to ignore my ugly index finger. Not sure what happened but it certainly didn’t like nail polish so it turned red. It is all better now.leoprint(39)I hope everyone enjoys their Fathers Day weekend. Thanks for stopping by!


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