Thermal Polish!

Good Afternoon Everyone!

As the title suggests I finally bought a temperature changing polish! I was super excited to finally try one out. For my birthday last month, my BF bought me a U-Spicy UV/LED lamp! And so I’ve been playing around with it trying to get the hang of it. This thermal polish is a gel polish called Revived Reality from Bundle Monster. I ordered it off

I love the way the polish changes so easily from hot to cold! Every time I see someone I show them my transforming nails!  The pink is the hot colour and brown is the cold colour.  I ended up stamping it with MoYou London Doodles plate 7. This plate has my name all over it! There is tiny whales, squids and so much more! I am in love with this plate!Thermal(13)Thermal(18)

I am really starting to LOVE gel polishes! The only problems I am having is the amount of time needed to soak it off. There have been a few times where I have picked it off. That pretty much destroys my nails. I’m getting better not to pick it off, but once it’s chipped I need it off! Check out all the super cute designs on the stamping plate! So adorable!!!!!

Thermal(4)It is time to start the countdown to my vacation! I cannot wait to escape from work and enjoy the sun and the sand! 14 days and counting! Thanks everyone for stopping by! Enjoy the weekend!



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