Valentine’s Zigzags

Good Evening Everyone!

Look at me go! A second blog post in a week, or even a blog post in general! Today I’ve done some pink and red zigzags for Valentine’s Day. I used Nail Vinyls for the zigzags. Essie ‘Romper Room’ was used for my base then I topped it with OPI Liquid Sand ‘The Impossible’.

ValentinesZag (2)I finally had a chance to do my nails! Feels so good! And I could not be more happy how this turned out! Just perfect! I ordered new brushes a long time ago and I finally used one for the clean up and it worked like a charm.

ValentinesZag (28)

My BF bought my this owl bottle opener and my favourite part is that the center is a heart! So adorable! I hope everyone is having a good week and don’t worry, it’s Friday tomorrow! Thanks everyone for stopping by! I love everyone’s support!


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