Wedding Crasher

Good Morning Everyone!

Wow, yesterday was a crazy day! I’ve been crazy busy at work and at home so when my SD card decided not to work yesterday I was pretty upset. I didn’t even have time to figure out why it wasn’t working! But today was the day and I fixed it so today its #ManiMondayonTuesday!

Today I have nails I wore to a wedding on the weekend. I wasn’t actually invited to the wedding so I kinda crashed the reception.

What I Used:
Base: Cosmetic Arts polish no name, it’s a super dark blue with fine green glitter. I think it’s actually a crackle polish, you can see it in the thumb image. really weird cause it doesn’t crackle like normal crackle polish.
Stamping: OPI Angle with a Leadfoot and Bundle Monster festival plate BM-S305

These nails turned out awesome beside some of the weird crackling-I’m talking ’bout you, thumb nail..

I kind of matched these to the galaxy dress I was wearing that night. And now that I say kind of, it didn’t really match at all. HERE is the dress I wore, you guys can decided if it matches!

Thanks everyone for stopping by! Friday I leave for CUBA! Where we will be spending my BFs 25th birthday! I will be posting on Thursday with more details for my week away! Thanks everyone!


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