Weekend Dreamer

Good Morning Nail World.

How is everyone doing this #ManiMonday morning? I feel like I could use  nap already.. I had such a busy weekend; my BF and I create a patio area for our fire pit. It was a lot of digging and shoveling gravel. I’m super happy its done, but boy am I sore today.

Today I have dream catcher nails.

Products Used:
China Glaze Chic Physique Collection Get It Right, Get It Bright & Liquid Leather. Stamping is Bundle Monster BM-S308 & BM-S301

I stamped 3 different designs on my nails but they all tie in to dream catchers. My BF and I have a dream catcher in our bedroom. I guess they are supposed to filter the dreams so only the good ones get through and it traps the bad ones. Pretty neat idea. I can’t verify that it works because I don’t really dream. I very rarely remember any of my dreams.

Thank you everyone for stopping by! I hope everyone has a wonderful week, and I hope it is nice and sunny!



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