Good Evening Everyone!

I hope everyone has been having a wonderful November! If some of you follow my Twitter (@genevievessn) or Facebook page (Simply Stylish Nails), you would have seen that my Boyfriend bought a house and we both finally are all moved in and settled! I’m super excited to be finally living with him and start our life together! This will be my first post in November (the month is half over I know!) so let us get started! Does anyone know what November is? Its MOvember of course! Here are some Movember nails!

Movember (4)

For this look I used a currently unnamed Color Club yellow polish and Sinful Colors ‘Black on Black’. I used a thin paint brush to create the mustache.

I wanted to hold something mustache related and luckily I had my mustache key-chain/bottle opener handy! I love the way this turned out. Simple but awesome for my first post in November!

Movember (36)

Movember (15)

Thanks for hanging in there while I went through the move. Also I just wanted to say thank you to all my Facebook fans for the many likes I’ve been getting recently! It really makes my day when I see people enjoying what I do! I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their day! Thanks for stopping by!



Twin Post – Vampire Nails!

Good Evening Everyone!

I hope everyone is having a good week so far! Today is an exciting day because I am doing a twin post with my beautiful cousin Karen! She is over there at Nail Call. For todays twin post we decided to have a Vampire theme. So we have no idea what the other has done besides it having to do with vampires. Last year we did a Halloween twin post but we used the same polish instead of a theme. Therefor this year we switched it up! Here are my Vampire nails!

VamprieNails (4)

Scary eh!? I used Color Club ‘Sheer Disguise’ and ‘Red do Rio’, Sinful Colors ‘Black on Black’ and ‘Snow Me White’. I used a thin paint brush to create this look. I loved how this turned out. This was my first successful splatter technique and I think it does look like blood splatter.

VamprieNails (21)

As I write this I am super excited to see what my cousin has done!

VamprieNails (18)

My cute evil vampire turned out great! Thanks everyone for stopping by and a HUGE thanks to my amazing cousin for doing this post with me. I always like collaborating with her! You can find her at the following social media sites:


I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their week! Have a Happy Halloween!


Gold Bows and Dots

Good Evening Everyone!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I wish the weekend was longer it flew by! Today I’d like to share my weekend nails. I took these pictures last night so this is after 2 and a half days of wear. Not bad considering I was active this weekend! For today’s look I used Sally Hansen ‘White Out’ and Milani ‘Gold Glitz’.

WhiteGoldBows (3)

I just bought those gold bows off of eBay. They are HUGE! I was surprised didn’t lose one on the weekend but with the help of super glue they stayed firmly attached to my nails.

WhiteGoldBows (16)

WhiteGoldBows (27)

I loved the way this turned out. I love the bows too! I feel like these bows would be good for Christmas time. Thanks everyone for stopping by! Stay tuned for a post on Wednesday! Have a good week!