At Vase Value

Good Evening everyone! I hope everyone had a great weekend! A quick post for today, I used China Glaze ‘A Vase Value’, Sinful Colors ‘Black on Black’ and Orly Matte Top Coat.

Atvasevalue (25)I stamped black using PUEEN stamping plate number 10 on top of 3 thin coats of China Glaze.

Atvasevalue (40)

Atvasevalue (30)I was a bit impatience and put the top coat on early so there are a few streaky bits. Otherwise it looks great. I haven’t done a matte top coat in a while and I really like it. Thanks everyone for stopping by! Have a great week!





Pink Galaxy

Good evening ladies! Today I’ve got Pink Galaxy nails. I’ve wanted to try this for a while and well I finally did it! For this look I used Color Club ‘Overboard’, China Glaze ‘X-Ta-Sea’, ‘Peonies and Park Ave’ and ‘Feel the Breeze’, Mosh ‘White’ and Wet’N’Wild ‘Kaleidoscope’ . I cut up a makeup sponge into several pieces and dipped the sponge in each colour and just created a galaxy on my nails. I started with the purple and worked through the colours dark to light and then topped it with sparkles. I also added pink stars which was given to me by my dear friend Elizabeth!

PinkGalaxy (7)I really like how this turned out. It really does look like galaxy nails but in pink.

PinkGalaxy (12)

PinkGalaxy (15)I haven’t done galaxy nails in a while and I like the pink but the black classic galaxy nails are my favourite. I’m glad I tried it.

PinkGalaxy (35)

Thanks everyone for stopping by, I hope everyone enjoyed my galaxy nails. I hope everyone has a great week!



Red with Black Lace

Good Evening! Just a quick post today but yay me for getting in a second post this week! The base is China Glaze ‘Seas the Day’ and the black is Sinful Colours ‘Black on Black’.

RedBlackLace (7)

I used MoYou London stamping plate 06 from the bridal collection. It was my first time ever using MoYou and I love their plates. Every stamp I did worked perfectly. I will definitely be getting more of these plates.

RedBlackLace (12)

RedBlackLace (71)

RedBlackLace (30)I really like how this turned out. Thanks everyone for stopping by! I hope everyone has a great weekend!