Good evening Ladies!

I hope everyone had a good weekend! I had a busy weekend with my Bf because I am looking for a used car so we went all over the place looking at all the used cars out there! It was a long weekend checking out all the cars. It is definitely a long processes to buy a car! Alright nail time! Yesterday was Day 22 in #Nailartsep hosted by @californails on Instagram. Yesterdays theme was asters. I had to Google what it was and found that it was a pretty flower. For this look I used 11 polishes. Now I am not one to use paint, such as acrylic, I think if you paint your nails you should use nail polish. Don’t get me wrong I do not hate on people who use paint I still think it looks amazing, I personally just prefer to use nail polish for everything.


The polishes used in this look are Color Club ‘Wild Cactus’, ‘Wicker Park’, ‘He Loves Me’, ‘Twiggie’, ‘Royal Flush’, ‘Overboard’ and a yellow unnamed polish. China Glaze ‘At Vase Value’, ‘X-ta Sea’ and ‘I Sea the Point’ and finally Sally Hansen ‘White Out’.



Here is a close up of my thumb. I love this so much! I hand painted everything! I am so proud of my free hand skills and I love improving every chance I get!


These pictures were taken in the homemade light box I made. I think my pictures are turning out well, but I may need more light, I may have mentioned that in a previous post but I did add more lights but I think I’m going to have to add more. Thanks everyone for stopping by! I’m so grateful for the followers and likes I’m getting on social media! It makes my day! I hope everyone has a great week!



Negative Space

Good Evening Everyone!

I hope everyone had a great week so far! I am still hanging in on the #Nailartsep challenge. Tomorrow is negative space but since I was late on a few days I figure why not post one a day early. I was stumped on it at first but after trying different things I finally came up with an idea! I used @teismom (on Instagram) nail vinyls. Here are my nails.

NegativeSpace (3)

For this look I used China Glaze ‘Sun Upon My Skin’ and ‘Be More Pacific’ and a silver striping brush. As you can see I used lighting bolts for the negative space. This turned out way better than expected!

NegativeSpace (7)

I tried making a light box so I could take pictures at any time of the day. These photos turned out alright. I think I need more light to make the pictures even better.

NegativeSpace (16)

I do love how this picture turned out! I look so professional! Thanks everyone for stopping by! Everyone have a great weekend! It supposed to be warmer!



Good Evening Everyone! Sorry I have been M.I.A. for the past week! My boyfriend and I went camping for our 4 year anniversary! It was a bit chilly, we used 5(!) sleeping bags to stay warm at night but it was a ton of fun and I’m sad it’s over! We also had a downpour of rain Saturday morning, having us to rush to put up more tarps and my Bf having to dig trenches so our tent would stay dry! Alright, enough about me here are my nails for #ManiMonday! These were my nails for the #Nailartsep hosted by @Cailfornails (on Instagram) that I forgot to post on the 10th. So here they are now!

Chevrons(7)For this I used China Glaze ‘I Sea the Point’. I used glitter from eBay and I placed them in the chevron pattern. Started off with pink glitter, then black, then blue and pink again on my ring finger and thumb. It was extremely hard to capture a picture of these nails because the glitter was so reflective.




This turned out pretty well. Next time I might layer the glitter pieces so it would be more filled. Otherwise I like it! Thanks everyone for stopping by! Have a great rest of the week!