Blue Camoflauge

Good Morning!

It’s been a crazy week as most of you know! I pulled off an early birthday surprise party for my BF, and he loved it! I baked the best cake ever! Check it out here!

Alrighty, I’m super busy trying to get all my work done today so today’s post will be quick.

What I Used:
Base: White gel polish from Born Pretty Store 6004
Camo: Color Club Take Me to Your Chateau, Endless Summer and Evolution, and China Glaze Frostbite.

I did these nails as a challenge from my BF. He sent a photo of those stick on nails that had this similar pattern and asked if i’m able to do it. And well ya I can! So I won the challenge!

Tomorrow at this time I will be on a plane to Cuba!!! I currently do not have anything pre-planned for nails next week so I’f I’m able I might try and do one post while away.

Thank you everyone for stopping by! Have a wonderful week next week! <3<3


Blue Dry Brush

Happy Long Weekend Monday!

I hope everyone is enjoying their day off! Right now I am probably driving home from Quebec with my brother. I’m writing this blog post a few days early in case I am unable to write a fresh one on the road. But since you reading this it means I’m probably driving and can’t write a new post.

I did these nails about a week ago. I loved the green dry brush I did a few nail posts ago and wanted to try one in blue.

What I Used:
Base: Born Pretty white gel polish 6004
Dry Brush: Essie Bobbing for Baubles, Mesmerized, Strut your Stuff, Where’s my Chauffeur and As Gold as it Gets.
Top: OPI rapid dry top coat

I’m honestly not a huge fan of these nails. The only thing I see is a messed up middle finger nail…I filed it crooked. Even tho these aren’t perfect nails, I wanted to share so everyone knows that we’re human. (Life lesson right there).

Haha. Oh my middle finger nail, so silly, makes me laugh every time I look at the poor thing. I’ve since fixed the problem before my road trip to Quebec.

Thanks everyone for stopping by! Thank you for checking my post out during the long weekend and enjoy!