The Funky Leopard

Good Morning!

How is everyone’s week going? Mine has been pretty relaxing. The most I’ve done with week is that I donated blood on Tuesday. It was my 9th time doing so. I’m very proud of myself for donating, But enough about me, its nail time!

Today’s nails are on the funky side!

Products Used:
Base Colours: Essie I’m Addicted & Tart Deco.
Leopard Print: China Glaze Liquid Leather & Cosmetic Arts silver sparkly polish.

I first painted my nails all the pinky color; then when dry I used tape to block of a section to create the blue area. I used a thin dotting took to create the spots. This turned out way better than expected. I love it!

Thank you everyone for stopping by! I’ve got maybe 1-2 more nail designs on my cinderella hand to share, but I’m happy to say that my nails on my left hand are back! Moving forward I think I will continue to use both hands as I am super happy how my cinderella hand has gotten used to taking photos.

Thanks again!



Curtain Call

Happy Mani Monday!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I accomplished quite a bit this weekend. We took a trip to Ikea where I bought a frame and some white boxes. I created a new light box that perfectly fits in my shelving unit. We also found some beautiful new curtains for our living room, so I spent Sunday hemming them to fit.

Today’s nails are inspired by…the curtains! Yes. Spending all the time with the curtains made me want to put them on my nails!

I took all these photos in my new light box! I’ve wanted to do this for so long. I’ve always had a light box but it was so big and bulky it didn’t fit the space well. This is perfect and slides away amazingly.

What I Used:
Base: Essie Bobbing for Baubles on my pinky, index and thumb. China Glaze White on White on my ring and middle finger.
Stamping: Color Club Feel Tower Power & PUEEN plate 83

Check out that curtain comparison! SPOT ON! I cannot believe how changing some curtains can alter the whole dynamic of the room. Before they were red ones, (free from my parents, they looked fine), but now, WOW. Our living room looks amazing.

Thank you everyone for stopping by! I wish everyone a wonderful week, check back Thursday for new nails!


Rainbow Monday 🌈

Happy #ManiMonday!

What a beautiful weekend! I spent all weekend outside working on the yard and hanging out with family! I luckily had a few minutes late Sunday night to do a rainbow dotticure.

So many polishes were used!
Base: Color Club On My Versailles. It it an extremely sheer polish. I used it because I didn’t want to go with a clear base coat. This gave it a hint of colour.
Rainbow: Red-Color Club Style Icon & China Glaze Seas the Day, Orange-Color Club Coral Cascade & KB Shimmer For Fox Sake, Yellow-Revlon Electric & China Glaze Sun Upon my Skin, Green-China Glaze Shore Enuff & Sinful Colors Innocent, Blue-Essie I’m Addicted & China Glaze Frostbite and finally Purple-China Glaze Lotus Begin & Color Club Pucci-licious.

Holy smokes! 13 polishes! I used my silicone mat to blob each polish colour on and used a small and medium dotting tool to create the dots. I love how this turned out. Only thing I would change is the orange section. The polishes I chose are tool close in colour so unless you’re looking really close it just looks like one shard of orange.

Thank you everyone for stopping by! I hope this week is just as beautiful as the weekend was! Thanks!