Happy Friday!

Today’s nails were inspired by an article I found on Buzzfeed, I’ve linked it HERE. I went on Instagram and wanted to see who else has done something like it. They’re wasn’t many people doing this design but I love the line work so I gave it a shot.

The nail art is inspired by Picasso (and the buzzfeed article).

Products Used:
Button Down gel polish from Bundle Monster & OPI 4 in the Morning.

I used a skinny paint brush to create the line work. I googles images of Picasso’s work to get further inspiration on how to draw the faces. It was super easy to create.

This nail art was so easy to do but I thought it was so elegant. I wore these nails for a few days, and I couldn’t take my eyes off them.

Thanks everyone for stopping by! Have a wonderful weekend and try to stay warm in this crazy snowy weather!


Curtain Call

Happy Mani Monday!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I accomplished quite a bit this weekend. We took a trip to Ikea where I bought a frame and some white boxes. I created a new light box that perfectly fits in my shelving unit. We also found some beautiful new curtains for our living room, so I spent Sunday hemming them to fit.

Today’s nails are inspired by…the curtains! Yes. Spending all the time with the curtains made me want to put them on my nails!

I took all these photos in my new light box! I’ve wanted to do this for so long. I’ve always had a light box but it was so big and bulky it didn’t fit the space well. This is perfect and slides away amazingly.

What I Used:
Base: Essie Bobbing for Baubles on my pinky, index and thumb. China Glaze White on White on my ring and middle finger.
Stamping: Color Club Feel Tower Power & PUEEN plate 83

Check out that curtain comparison! SPOT ON! I cannot believe how changing some curtains can alter the whole dynamic of the room. Before they were red ones, (free from my parents, they looked fine), but now, WOW. Our living room looks amazing.

Thank you everyone for stopping by! I wish everyone a wonderful week, check back Thursday for new nails!