Red Blobs

Good Morning!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Ours was spent working on the deck. We also created a small rock garden with some lilies in one corner, which will catch the rain water from the roof. I had a small amount of time to paint my nails and I wanted to do red.

What I Used:
Base: Essie She’s Pampered
Blobs: KB Shimmer Fax of Life

These did not turn out very good. The red polish got everywhere and the blobs wouldn’t spread.  I was not having a good time with these nails. And when I went to take my photos I hit my thumb and smudged the one side. I mostly fixed it but it  still looked bad.

Thank you everyone for stopping by! I know these nails aren’t the best but I still like to show everyone that sometimes it just doesn’t work out the way you want it too. Thanks again!


Valentine’s 2017

Good Morning Everyone!

Happy #ManiMonday! My BF returned home from vacation on Saturday, well I guess technically it was Sunday morning at 2  am, but still, he’s home! I’m super happy to have him home so I of course had to have Valentine’s day hearts on my nails!

What I Used:
Base: Zoya Amal (another outrageously gorgeous matte polish)
Leopard Print: I free-handed the leopard print spots using a small dotting tool, starting with KB Shimmer Makin’ Copies, then outlined with Wet’N’Wild Black Creme.

On my ring finger nail I tried to create leopard print hearts since these are Valentine’s day themed! (And because I missed my BF so very much!)

Thank you everyone for stopping by! I hope everyone had a great weekend and will have a wonderful week.


For Fox Sake

Good Morning Everyone.

I hope everyone stayed warm this past weekend. It was freezing!

Today’s nails are based on a shirt I saw in a store, then saw on a shot glass, then on a stamping plate and finally I was then gifted a polish with basically the same name. Today’s theme is……the Fox.

What I Used:
Base: KB Shimmer For Fox Sake & China Glaze White one White.
Stamping: Bundle Monster BM-S309 & Wet’N’Wild Black Creme. I picked up the stamped image with my clear stamper and using a thin brush, coloured the fox right on the stamper then stamped it on my nails.

I hadn’t done stamping like that, so I was worried it wasn’t going to work. But it did! I love these nails.

I also ending up buying the shot glass because why not?! It’s super cute and matched my nails. Thank you everyone for stopping by! Stay safe this week, we are getting more snow!