Good Morning!

I hope everyone had a great long May 2-4 weekend! I have a quick blog post today since I had a super busy weekend. I saw a few sunsets this weekend and it inspired me to paint my nails the bright yellows and oranges.

What I Used:
Base: China Glaze White on White
Dry Brushing: China Glaze Sun Upon my Skin, Metro-Pollen-Tin, If in Doubt Surf it out & Stoked to be Soaked.

This was a super quick and easy nail design. Gorgeous!

Thank you everyone for stopping by!  I hope this week goes by quickly for everyone. Have a good one!


Mother’s Day

Happy #ManiMonday!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and spoiled their mothers yesterday. My sister and I drove down for the Saturday. The whole family played Dr. Who Monopoly. It was actually a reasonable game, no temper tantrums, no fighting and no board flipping like typical monopoly games.

Today’s nails are a soft pink with stamped roses.

What I Used:
Base: China Glaze Strike a Rose
Stamping: Emily de Molly stamping plate 10. Never heard of this stamping brand until my cousin introduced me them. Beautiful plates.

Thank you everyone for stopping by! I know this was a short and quick blog post. I have many idea flowing for Thursday blog post! Have a great week!



Zig Zags

Good Morning Nail World!

Oh my gosh, what a weekend I had! My dad and I drove 8 hours to Quebec to pick up my brother, pack his stuff to move him home and then we drove right back. My dad and I left at 5am Saturday morning and drove till 2:30 am the next day. We had been up for 23 hours. I felt like my eyeballs were going to fall out. Needless to say I didn’t have time for nails so I am pulling some old ones out.

What I Used:
Base: Sinful Colors Rise & Shine
ZigZags: Nails INC King’s Road and Bundle Monster elleandish BM-XL201

I stamped on the zigzags with the Bundle Monster clear stamper. I love clear stampers. They are the reason I can do (somewhat) straight designs.

Thank you everyone for stopping by! Have a wonderful week.