Leafy Greens

Good Morning Everyone!

Is everyone having a good week so far? I have a soccer game tonight at 9, I will be tired tomorrow. I’m going to need like 12 coffees!

I’ve been wanted to do some green nails for a few weeks now but I haven’t found the time. Buttttttttt! Last night I did!

Et Voila! Leafy Green nails!
What I Used:
Base: White gel polish from born pretty store 6004
Green: China Glaze Grass is Lime Greener, In the Lime Light and Turned up Turquoise and Color Club Mad About Mint.
Stamping: Wet’N’Wild Black Creme and Bundle Monster plate BM-501 with their clear stamper.

I dry brushed the greens on the white base. I did the polishes a few times to make sure I got a good mix of colours. I think my nails are gorgeous! Perfect little leafy greens!

I changed the angle of my hand and the camera/lighting picked up a more bright neon look. That is how it would look outside. Love these so much!! Stamping turned out fantastic. I honestly didn’t expect it to stamp like that.

Thank you everyone for stopping by! I hope you all have a great week and an amazing weekend!


Guest Hand- Elizabeth

Good Morning Everyone!

How was everyone’s weekend? I had a great birthday weekend. We did a 5k Foam Fest run! (Check out THIS amazingly huge slide.) It was 5km of mud pits, diving on slip-n-slides, climbing over obstacles and running through foam! It was a great experience.

Since my weekend was so action packed I didn’t have time to paint my nails. So today I have a guest hand to post! My amazing friend Elizabeth drove up on Thursday last week after work to spend time with me for my birthday! (She’s so sweet).

What I Used:
Base: Born Pretty Store white gel polish 6004
Gradient: Color Club Take me to your Chateau & Color Show Taupe on Trend
Stamping: Wet’N’Wild Black Creme and Bundle Monster Festival plate BM-S308

I gotta tell you, we had one hell of a time trying to take photos. She isn’t the most graceful of girls but she sure know how to have a good time. It didn’t occur to me that my fingers my be longer so her trying to do my hand positions was, well… funny as hell. She had to literally contort her body across the floor to kinda get the hand positions.

We had a blast. I’d paint her nails again just to see her try to take photos. (Thanks Elizabeth for the great time!)

Thanks everyone for stopping by! I should have my own nails to post later in the week. Also I got a brand new Nexus 6p for my birthday (AHHH!!!) so my Instagram game should be on fire next time I post! Have a great week!


Unicorn Barf

Good Morning Everyone!

I hope everyone has had a great week so far! Mines been super busy at work and we’re making team shirts for Foam Fest Canada this Saturday! That’s right, Me and 5 other people will be doing a 5km obstacle course race in foam! Our team is called ‘The Young and the Breathless’. And so for the race and my Birthday (that’s tm btw!) I had to have funky nails!

These nails I have named Unicorn Barf!

What I Used:
Base: White Gel polish 6004 from Born Pretty Store
Unicorn Barf: Sinful Colors 24/7, Color Club Endless Summer, Picture Polish Imperial
Sparkle: Sinful Colors Frenzy

After I put on the white gel base I sponged on the 3 polishes. The purple polish was a bit difficult to sponge on because it has glitter flecks in it. But after many, many sponges it turned out great!

I think for my birthday tomorrow I will add some stamping. My good friend is coming for a visit tonight so hopefully I’ll have time!

Thanks everyone for stopping by! Have an amazing weekend!