Good Morning Everyone.

I hope everyone is having a good short week. Even though this week is short, to me it has felt soooo long. I’m ready for the weekend.

Today’s nails are a mix’n’match, I believe some people call it a skillette.

What I Used:
Base: Color Club Give me a Hint.
Patterns: Nail Vinyls from @Teismom and Wet’N’Wild Black Cream.

I had no idea what I was going to do when I started these nails. I did each finger one by one expecting to not like the end result. But I love it. I think the matte top coat is amazing on these nails. I’m really glad I just went with flow.

Thank you everyone for stopping by. I hope you all have a great weekend. I will be really happy when it’s here.


Autumn Flowers

Good Morning Nail World,

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend. I had a busy weekend but last night I had a few hours to my self yesterday so I was able to do my nails for today.

What I Used:
Base: China Glaze Unplugged
Stamping: Bundle Monster plate BM-S226 & Finger Paints Beverly’s Touch.

This was a perfect stamping image because I had a cone flower bloom just the other day. I think this is a perfect combo for fall themed nails.

I love the sparkle of the Finger Paints polish. I found it on a clearance rack at Sally’s Beauty and I just had to get it! Thanks everyone for stopping by! I hope everyone enjoys the short week!


Batty Nails

Good Morning Everyone,

I hope everyone is having a good week. This weekend is Thanksgiving & Oktoberfest! We will be heading to the Concordia Club on Saturday to enjoy the festivities! Then we celebrate thanksgiving on Sunday.

Today’s nails are Halloween themed.

What I Used:
Base: Lipstick Rouge gel polish from Bundle Monster. I used a makeup sponge with blobs of China Glaze Metro Pollen-Tin & Stoked to be Soaked and Color Club Evolution.
Stamping: Wet’N’Wild Black Creme and Bundle Monster BM-XL28

These didn’t really turn out how I pictured but I don’t mind them. The bat image was difficult to stamp. I think the image wasn’t engraved deep enough.

Thank you everyone for stopping by! It has been a busy day already and it will be a busy weekend. Have a great Thanksgiving and Oktoberfest!