Calm Winter

Good Morning Everyone

I hope the week is going well.  I’ve had the chance this week to do quite a few nail designs (which is awesome), because with the holiday season coming things will be getting busy!

Base: Picture Polish Calm
Stamping: Color Club On the Rocks & Zoya Aspen and stamping plate BM-407.

I stamped the silver polish first. Then added the glittery sheer white on top to try to give it a frosted snow look. I have a video tutorial to share later in the day!

Thank you everyone for stopping by to check out my blog! Video will be posted later. Have a wonderful week!



Good Morning!

Can we talk about this crazy Canadian weather right now?! Monday was beautiful, spring like weather. Yesterday (and Tuesday) it was raining all day and night. Then when I wake up this morning there’s snow on the ground. What the heck Canada!

Today’s nails actually match up this the weather this morning. This is a gorgeous polish from Picture Polish.

What I Used:
Base: Winter by Picture Polish
Stamping: Bundle Monster plate BM-S302 and China Glaze White on White.

These recent Picture Polish polishes are just amazing. They’ve only needed 2 coats and they are shimmery as hell! I’m in love! I still have one more of their polishes to try & I can’t wait!

Sorry about the super awkward hand holding of the stamping plate. I took these photos this morning before work at 6am and my hand didn’t want to hold it properly.

THANK you everyone for stopping by! I’m getting closer to completing my nail room reno. Last night we hung my nail rack on the wall so the only thing left is to put my polish back on the rack! (Well…and organize everything else-I know what I will be doing this weekend!) Thanks again everyone! Have a wonderful weekend.


Snowflakes in a Snowstorm

Good Morning!

I’m super excited because today is my Friday! Yep, that’s right, I have the day off tomorrow and I really need some sleep! I’ve been getting up at 5am during the week to workout before work and it’s finally caught up with me.

Today I have some snowflakes nails!

What I Used:
Base: China Glaze Frostbite & X-Ta-Sea and Sinful Colors Aquamarine. I blobbed on the polish and swirled it around to create a marbled effect.
Stamping: MoYou London Festive plate 02. I stamped each snowflake individually using China Glaze White on White and Bundle Monster clear stamper.

I did these nails only by the light of the TV because I was too lazy to get up and turn a light on. So the entire time I was doing the base colours, I had no idea what was going on. I’m so glad it turned out AWESOME!

I’ve wanted this plate for so long! There are so many different varieties of snowflakes. There are a few that are a bit to big for any of my nails but most of them fit perfectly!

Thanks everyone for stopping by! I hope everyone has a great weekend!